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          Ruijing Ceramics, the shop is stuck better new life!

                Ruijing Ceramics belongs to Foshan New Ruijing Ceramics Co., Ltd. which was founded in 1973. Is a set of raw materials, production, sales, service as one of the integrated enterprise group. Company strength is abundant, has complete advanced production equipment, production of construction ceramics 2000 square meters, the main products include Jin Gangchao SPAR, king kong jade, 9 d flat vitrified nano stone plate, and other series, marble, star category is complete, the design and color of 300 kinds, one is building ceramic industry in the production of large enterprises.

                since its inception the company has always adhere to the technology as the forerunner, with strict quality inspection, perfect management system, relying on aligning with the international technical expertise and operating experience, view all colleagues of the ceramic will declare"Energy saving, pragmatic, forge ahead, and innovation"The spirit of enterprise, adhering to the"Diligent, pragmatic, integrity, innovation"The concept of development, at the same time"Qin, dedication, conscientiousness, entrepreneurship"Spirit of employees, make unremitting efforts to the pursuit of excellence, creating characteristic brand and the quality of the perfect corporate image, "landscape" to forge a leading the industry trend of ceramic brand influence, and build a high quality living environment for the society, to experience the improvement of the quality of life of the masses.


          address: Foshan city, guangdong province town of China ceramics city hengfa floor   Phone Number:18379118808

          All rights reserved ? Foshan Ruijing ceramics co., LTD   ICP:粤ICP备16095741号
          粤公网安备 44060402001547号


          Service On-line
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